Weird Things That Women Do… According To Men!

We're not weird, you're weird!

Ladies, if you think about it, we are fascinating creatures!  So mysterious and confusing, lol!  There are things that we do and say that I don’t even have an explanation for, it’s just a girl thing!


There was a discussion on where guys were sharing the weird things women do that men just don’t understand.


Here are a few!


  1. If you have straight hair, wanting to curl it . . . if you have curly hair, wanting to straighten it.  

  2. Wiggling into your jeans while you pull them up by the belt loops.

  3. Saying you don’t want fries, then eating half of someone else’s fries.

  4. Always being cold in every situation.
  1. Putting decorative soaps right by the sink, then getting mad when someone uses them.

  2. Borrowing a sweatshirt . . . than keeping it.

  3. Not realizing that just responding to a text with “yes” or “k” makes a guy think you’re furious at him.

  4. Saying you don’t have an opinion on where to go eat . . . but hating all of the options someone else suggests.
  5. Randomly pushing up your boobs to check your cleavage!

  6. Doing the butt check before you leave the house! Checking out your butt in the mirror to make sure it looks good and there’s nothing on it!