We’re Spending The Equivalent Of 10 Entire Days A Year Cleaning

And we like it!

That works out to 237 hours per year cleaning out homes!


Thanks to the rise in popularity of cleaning influencers, a study found that we spend just over four hours each week vacuuming, wiping and dusting.


A further hour and 42 minutes a month is taken up with changing bed sheets, cleaning the carpets and cleaning the oven.


Many people enjoy cleaning with almost a third enjoying it because it makes them feel less stressed and 41 percent like to clean to take their mind off other things.


More than half even admitted to cleaning things that don’t need sprucing up, just to alleviate stress or anxiety.

Vacuuming emerged as the most relaxing cleaning task, followed by wiping down kitchen surfaces and doing the laundry.


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1. Vacuuming

2. Wiping down the kitchen surfaces

3. Laundry

4. Washing up

5. Tidying away toys/objects which are out of place

6. Cleaning the bathrooms/toilets

7. Ironing

8. Mopping the floors

9. Dusting

10. Cleaning windows