Video game downloads, don't get me started!

Someone recently asked the internet what people considered a HUGE waste of money, and everything was fair game, whether it was a necessary purchase, or something a little more frivolous.  


Here are 10 highlights:


1.  Designer clothing for kids.  They grow too fast, and rarely need to “dress up.”



2.  Baby toys.  Babies will ignore expensive toys to play with random knick-knacks.



3.  Pet toys.  Same.  Spend $50 on a toy, or just give them a cardboard box.



4.  Digital games.  You could have a huge library and only really play one game.



5.  Laundromats.  Loads can get very pricey, depending on where you live.



6. Cable/internet.  Those who haven’t “cut the cord” have big monthly payments.



7.  Streaming services.  Those who HAVE “cut the cord,” but have added way too many subscriptions to cover the loss of a big entertainment package.



8.  Up-charges at car dealerships.



9.  Funerals.  Going into debt over their send-off is probably not what they wanted.



10.  Printer ink.  Someone joked, “If we could print with 1959 Dom Perignon it would be cheaper.”