What Do You Do When You Hear A Strange Noise In Your House During The Night?

Do you freak out?

We’ve all had that moment where we get woken up by a strange noise in the house. But how we respond?


A new survey on SWNSDigital.com asked people what they do after they hear a strange noise in the night. And here are our top six ways to handle it…



1.  Wait to do anything unless you hear another noise.

2.  Get out of bed to investigate.

3.  Wait to see if the dog barks.

4.  Make your significant other get out of bed to investigate.

5.  Check the security system.

6.  Immediately grab something nearby to use as a weapon.


The survey also found 19% of people immediately believe the noise is a burglar . . . and 13% immediately believe it’s a ghost.