What do you find disgusting even though everyone else thinks it’s normal?

Teeth sucking!

Everyone has things that totally gross them out.  But maybe those things are actually gross?

A Reddit post asked people that very question… If you were to ask me, I’d say that cheese is totally disgusting even though everyone else thinks it’s normal and probably delish!

Here are the best responses! 

People’s breath is in the same vicinity as my face. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad breath I absolutely hate catching any whiff of anyone else’s breath.

Dirty dish Water!

Messy-faced babies and cake smashing.

Glue mouse traps idk they seem quite cruel…

Watching other dudes leave the bathroom without washing their hands…

Hearing someone with a heavy, productive cough.

People suck in their snot so much that it essentially hits their throat and then you can hear them swallow it.

Having your phone on speaker in public. Nobody wants to hear your personal bullshit.

Long fake nails!

Omg people who spit on the street