What food do you think is a "no-go" in the office microwave?

A British woman is discovering that perhaps her occassional breakfast choice of eggs & beans may not be acceptable in the office environment.  She was recently told by her boss to stop microwaving beans & eggs for her office breakfast because it was “outside official break time”.  But others are not so sure that’s the real reason, and feel it may be her choice of food, not time away from her desk which is being objected to.  Some are suggesting that it’s actually her “smelly” hot meal causing the problem.

After posting on Mumsnet her situation and looking for other people’s input, she discovered that many thought the request was fair.  Again, not because of the offical line about being outside official break time, but rather becuase of the disagreeable odour that others in the open work space may have to deal with.  Responses stating as much came back, like, “I think having beans, eggs and toast is taking the mickey tbh. Just have a cereal bar or something easier, and a bit more subtle. And yes, the smell is probably off putting in an open plan office.”

So it begs the question: What should the rules be around office microwave food acceptability?  Are beans & eggs too much?  Fish too far?  Microwave Buttered Popcorn preposterous?  Things to ponder before your next “lunch at your desk day”.  What’s your office food faux pas?