What Kind Of People Are Interested In Doing Reality TV?

What's your favourite type of reality TV?

You’ve probably watched a reality TV show and thought, “Who would willingly agree to be on this show?”  

Well, now we know.  A series of new polls asked people how interested they’d be in competing on three types of reality shows:  Dating, makeovers, and home renovation.

21% of people are interested in being on a dating reality show, with 10% being “very” interested.  

Men are twice as likely to be into it, and naturally, younger adults were far more eager to sign up than those 45 and older.

32% of people are down to be on a makeover show, with 14% being “very” interested.  

And 50% of people would do some kind of home renovation reality show, with 24% being “very” interested.  

Women are more into it than men, and somewhat surprisingly, younger adults are more intrigued than older adults.