What Makes Mom Disappointed On Mother’s Day

True story!

There’s a new survey on TGIFridays.com that just asked moms what makes them the most disappointed or annoyed on Mother’s Day…


Here’s their list, followed by Charlie’s list!


1.  Having to clean up after the party or meal, 47%.

2.  Not being able to take a break from the everyday routine, 36%.

3.  Feeling exhausted at the end of the day, 33%.

4.  Waking up early, 30%.

5.  Not getting any time alone, 28%.


Here’s what Charlie is really thinking on Mother’s Day!



Really? A person fell out of my vagina…now I get candy and flowers? (stolen, but true)



I want a case of wine for Mother’s Day because you’re the reason I drink!



It’s mother’s Day- oh good!  Now I can see everyone else’s supermom on Facebook and feel sh**ty about myself.



For Mother’s Day, I don’t want to hear about Fortnite, Minecraft, or anything about those multi-million dollar YouTube kids…