What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship!

Which one are you?

Some couples need their personal space while they’re snoozing, others spoon all night – but it turns out, that the position you and your significant sleep in, could say a lot about your relationship.

New research has revealed the ten most popular positions that couples sleep in – which include back-to-back sleepers, spooners, and pet blockers (yep, those that sleep with their favourite furry friend in between them). But what each set-up suggests for your relationship might surprise you. For example, the research found that those who sleep with their backs to each other, actually had the most secure couplings.

Meanwhile, bear huggers are the most passionate, getting intimate 12 times a month on average, the highest number of all sleep positions.


This sounds like what it is – people who sleep with their backs turned to each other. It might not feel like the most romantic sleeping position – you literally can’t even see each other – but the couples who sleep like this are actually closer than ever. The duos who said they slept like this also reported to have the most secure relationships.


Spooning was the second most popular way for cuddles to sleep, and it’s no surprise why, given that physical contact makes people feel closer. Spooners from the study were found to be most likely to be in a loving relationship (74%).

Pet blockers

Having a furry companion might be a cute little addition to the bed, but it might be bad for your sleep. Those sleeping with pets were found to struggle to fall asleep four times a week on average, with 46% of them claiming to be night owls. There were some positives as 83% of the pet blocked did say they had a mellow relationship with their partner.

Selfish caterpillars

This is when one person cocoons in the duvet, leaving the other duvet-less. As selfish as that might sound, 39% of couples that slept like this said their relationship was an exciting one – perhaps it’s because you never know what might happen next, including when you’re going to end up duvet-less.


These are people who sleep nose to nose, slightly apart. Of this group, 52% said they were in passionate relationships while 72% agreed they shared the same taste in films and books as their partner. They also get at least seven hours of sleep a night!

Bear huggers

This includes full on hugging, face to face, and bear huggers have plenty going for them. They are very happy being in a relationship (61%) and describe themselves as good in bed (52%). They also get seven hours of sleep a night. Because they’re pretty well rested, bear huggers are also considered to be the life and soul of the party (18%).

Top and Tailers

We’re not sure who sleeps like this but some people prefer to be at opposite ends of the end. But they have a healthy relationship still and go on eight dates a month on average.


This might be more of a singleton’s position of choice but it’s hard to shake even when you share a bed. This is when both people sleep on their backs with arms and legs apart (let’s hope your bed is big enough). Clearly they value their independence, with a quarter saying they have the most fiery partnerships (25%). They are also likely to have the most arguments (six a month on average).


This is when one person dominates the space leaving the other practically hanging off the bed.  Understandably, 30% of people from this group struggle to sleep. But people who sleep like this are definitely more sociable than the rest. 


Some people just prefer not to touch when sleeping but loners are perfectly happy the way they are, with 47% of them saying they love being in a relationship. They also don’t share the same cultural tastes as their partner (51%).