When We Start Shifting To ‘Weekend Mode’

It’s Friday, can you feel the weekend?

A new survey on ShinyShiny.com found the average person shifts from ‘work mode’ to ‘weekend mode’ at 2:52 P.M. on Friday. That’s when our focus moves from work to weekend plans.


Here are a few more quick stats…


1.  1 in 7 people said they always try to finish work early on Fridays.


2.  Over 60% of us think it’s important to have something to look forward to on Fridays, especially this past year.


3.  38% appreciate weekends more than ever.


4.  45% have made a bigger effort to make Friday nights “family night” during the pandemic.  The top activities we plan with them are movie nights and family dinners.


5.  For 1 in 6 people, it won’t truly feel like the weekend until they’ve had their first drink.