Which Would You Rather? Valentine’s Day or The Super Bowl?

Tough call??

The Super Bowl is Sunday . . . as you’re well aware by now, whether you’re into it or not.  And here’s some random, related stupidity that’s making the rounds online.

1.  A new report says that Americans will spend an average of $189 on the Super Bowl, which is up . . . a lot . . . from an average of $124 last year.

But more importantly, that’s also $25 MORE than the average American plans to spend on Valentine’s Day.

(Technically, that covers ALL adults, but you know the takeaway there is:  MEN drop more money on the Super Bowl than on Valentine’s Day.)

Valentine’s Day is a week out.  So if you don’t know what you’re buying your sweetheart, you might want to get on that.  We already know what we’re buying ourselves though.

According to a poll by CandyStore.com, 47% of uswill buy themselves some chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  They also looked at the most popular Valentine’s Day candy  And as usual, two types dominated . . .

1.  Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. 

2.  Conversation Hearts, They’ll represent 10% of all the candy sold.

3.  Hershey Kisses, .

4.  M&M’s,

5.  Chocolate hearts, 

6.  Chocolate roses,