Why Ants And Humans Are So Similar!

I still don't like them!

While we may spend most of our time trying to keep them out of our homes and off the dog, these little bugs aren’t much different than us!  Let’s be thankful they aren’t bigger!



There are only two species that engage in an all-out war against fellow members of the same species:  Humans, and ants.

Here’s why we are so similar, despite us hating them!


World Domination – Ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth which means that they can adapt to almost any habitat. The only places that ants cannot live are Antarctica and a few islands that are inhospitable. Sound familiar?


Just Keep Swimming – Some ants can swim and so can some humans!


Protective – Ants defend their homes from intruders as I believe humans would in the same situation.


Unique – Although ants are all the same species they exist in lots of different shapes and sizes much like humans do!


Minty Fresh – Some ants have the task of cleaning up after the whole colony. Just like Moms!


Lost – All ants can make use of visual landmarks when they’re lost which is similar to humans, and they too, just like guys- won’t ask for directions!