You know you'll never use it again. But you can't let go!

Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure if my collection of “stuff” that I, for some reason, won’t part with, makes me more suited for the Antiques Roadshow or an episode of Hoarders!

There is an element of nostalgia about it I guess.  For instance, I recently upgraded my home stereo so I could once again play vinyl records.  Hearing many of them for the first time in years really takes me back.  And that’s a good example of “holding onto things”.  I know a lot of people who now lament the fact that they “cleaned out” their LP collection years ago and now wish they hadn’t.

But often, at least in my world, we hold onto things that deep down, we know we have no intention of ever using again.  Why?

I’m sure there are books upon books written on the subject and yet, somewhere in my mind, I always find that reason to justify not getting rid of something.  Take my electric razor.

No, please, take it!  Because for some reason, I can’t seem to part with it.  Maybe looking at it now will convince me that it’s time to let it go.

Sooner or later, I’ll have to admit to myself, “This has no value to me and I don’t feel that I will ever need it again”, and get rid of it.

I’m just hoping my wife doesn’t have the same dilemma with me!