Why Drivers Don’t Use Their Turn Signals!

Turn on your ticker!

Ever wonder why people don’t use them? Here are seven reasons why drivers don’t use their turn signals, according to studies used by The Huffington Post.


They Forget To Turn The Signal On
This is one of the most common reasons — they just forget to turn it on.



Drivers Think Turn Signals Are Optional
This might be the scariest reason of all. Some drivers think using a turn signal is optional.



So They Can Slip Into Lanes Easier
Many drivers aren’t in the mood to let others into their lanes. Therefore, some drivers purposely don’t use their turn signal, so it doesn’t give another car the chance to block off access to their lane.



They’re Too Lazy
According to a recent survey, 23 percent of drivers say they don’t use their signal because they’re too lazy. That seems scary.


They Don’t Have Enough Time
They simply didn’t realize they had to turn off and didn’t have time to use their signal. This excuse is reasonable, but this maneuver can be very dangerous as it may not give nearby drivers enough time to react, especially without the use of a turn signal.



Their Turn Signal Is Broken
Another popular reason is their turn signal is broken. However, that means you should get it fixed immediately, as a police officer can still issue you a ticket to get it fixed if it is broken.



They Forget To Turn The Signal Off
Some drivers forget to turn their signal off when they switch lanes or go around a turn not big enough to turn it off automatically. Then the driver might start not using it anymore to eliminate that pesky problem, which of course they shouldn’t.