Why Fake May Be Better When It Comes To Christmas Trees

Real or fake? Which would you rather!

For the second year, there is a real Christmas tree shortage! If you are usually the family who wants the real deal, here’s why fake could be better.

When you’re all out of Christmas spirit it’s easy to take down with minimal mess and pine needles

We all know eventually once Christmas has passed we have to take everything down and tuck it away for next year. By this time we’re all Christmas’d out and the Christmas spirit has subsided. The last thing we want to do now is deal with extra mess and frustration, like thousands of tiny pine needles all over the house.

Fake trees won’t leave you with all the annoying needles and are so easy to take down pack up and put away! You don’t have to drag that sucker out of the house and throw your back out… just pack her up and put her away… simple. as. pie.

No weird animals and bugs hiding out in your tree getting into your house

We’ve all seen the movie Christmas Vacation, but just think back to the squirrel scene. The Griswolds have their tree, but apparently, some critters had it first. A squirrel leaps out and sends the house into a total Christmas frenzy! Do you know where squirrels and other animals DON’T live? In fake trees!

Fake trees don’t die

Real trees are just so needy. It’s like you gained a giant green piney pet. You have to water it and make sure it doesn’t die. Nobody wants a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Fake trees require ZERO upkeep. Once it’s up, it’s up. no need to check the water or anything… just let it sit there and look beautiful all season long!

No need to lug that tree home on top of your car

So you’ve picked out “the perfect tree”… again. Now how do you get that big boy home? Hope you brought some rope and a big car because that tree is NOT going to fit on top of your smart car. Then you have to drive home extra slowly so it doesn’t slip off and you don’t blow all the branches and needles off.

A fake tree comes in a nice easy-to-carry box. Usually, the box even has a handle! It fits nicely and easily into your trunk or back seat. Simple and easy… no fuss.. no muss

No need to hunt down the “perfect tree” every single year

Every year you have to go out and find the perfect tree all over again. It has to be the right height. It has to be full enough. It has to be tall enough but at the same time not too tall. It’s like a torturous Christmas version of Where’s Waldo.

When you have a fake tree, all you have to do is go hit a department store, head to the holiday section and grab one. You can even get one with a frosted snow look, or even just an all-out white one. From that year on you have your tree! The same wonderful tree that protected all your presents and gave you great memories from last year!

So don’t waste your time with these giant annoying real trees anymore! Go Fake or Go Home!