Why Kids May Be Better Learners Than Adults!

New study may have some answers!

According to a new study, children explore more than adults, and this helps them learn better than grown-ups!



The study notes when adults attempt something new but get a negative result, they usually won’t try it again.



According to one of the professors behind this study, “the downside, she said, if adults immediately reject something new after we get a bad result, “we will never learn that the world is more complicated than that.”



Children, on the other hand, have intense curiosity and drive to explore and this helps them learn so many different things and so quickly, according to the study.



To make this determination the study gave 64 young kids ages four and five and 87 adults the same game with the same goal. If they won, they get a star!  When kids lost, they tried again, when adults lost, they tossed their hands up, swore and went to the bar! LOL!  OK. not really!



But here’s more on the study!