Why People Say Food Is Their Love Language

Do you love to cook for your family?

A new survey found that 64% of adults say that food is their love language…

About half (48%) show their loved ones they care by regularly surprising them with their favourite foods.  

Those looking to express their affection through food can’t go wrong by preparing a homemade meal, creating someone’s favourite snack trays, buying their favourite candy or baking a homemade dessert.

The survey also revealed people have bought or cooked a meal for someone to say “I Love You”, console them and express thanks.  These meals are mostly reserved for their partner/spouse, children, grandparents and friends.

Preparing or cooking a meal is more meaningful than buying one, but which dishes are most effective?

The top meal to cook for a lasting impression is pizza, while cheese/mozzarella sticks and meatballs were tied for the most impressive snacks or appetizers to make.

Going on a date? Cookies (48%), ice cream/milkshake (47%), pizza (46%) and cake (46%) are the most romantic meals to share with a partner — more so than oysters (24%).