Why We Exercise Less In The Winter

It's too cold and Dark!

According to a new survey, adults who exercise an average of four times a week during the summer will do so about 31% less during the winter.

About 70% of those say it’s due to the cold temps. Almost 60% say a lot of it has to do with how dark it gets so fast.

Others admitted they find it more difficult to get out of bed during the winter, are worried about safety when exercising alone in the dark and have less energy.

The spring and autumn months were the most popular time of year to get in shape, with 49 percent wishing they could maintain the healthy mindset they adopt in warmer months across the cold, dark winters.

And more than a third live a healthier lifestyle generally in the summer compared to the winter.

Top 10 Reasons Why Exercise Is Less In The Winter!

  1. It’s too cold
  2. It’s too dark
  3. It’s too wet
  4. You find it harder to motivate yourself
  5. You’re worried about safety when exercising in the dark outside
  6. You have less energy
  7. You’re more likely to pull a muscle or strain something because of the cold weather
  8. Hibernation mode kicks in – you’d rather stay in and watch TV
  9. You’re less body conscious in the winter as you wear more layers
  10. Costs are higher in winter due to running the heating, paying for Christmas etc. so you want to save on a gym membership.