The ‘Grey’ Area Of Boozing! And How To Know If You Have a Problems!

I'm ok with "the grey" area! It works for me!

COVID-19 lockdown has changed our relationship with alcohol.  Many of us have come to rely on it for just getting through the day, even now that restrictions have eased.



But if your drinking has slowly crept up then you may have entered a ‘grey area’ when it comes to boozing. According to experts, both men and women should have no more than 14 units of alcohol a week.



To put that into perspective, one unit is a small glass of wine, while a pint of low-strength beer is two units.



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It was previously reported that people had boozed their way through the Covid pandemic and sales of boozed soared by 55 percent when people were forced to stay indoors.



For most people, drinking starts to become a problem if it impacts their relationships, work or how they think and feel.




But others can function with booze and one expert says that ‘grey area drinking’ is the space between two extremes.




Grey area drinking really depends on the individual and some might find that they only over-drink in social situations, while others might find they are drinking in a new way than before.




This could mean using alcohol as a coping mechanism or as a release.




Many people may not think they have an issue as they don’t identify with the stereotype of someone who has a drinking problem.