Woman Rents Out Her Husband To Do Odd Jobs For Other Women!

And business is booming!

He may be her husband, but he can be your handyman for a price!

Laura Young is a mother of three and to make some extra cash, decided to offer up her husband to women in need of a handyman.

James Young will paint, decorate, tile, and even lay carpet.  He will also hang a TV and run curtains!  Does your man do that???

James, 42, is currently booked up for November on jobs, for which he charges $44 per hour and about $280 for a day rate. Their business has become so popular, they said, that they even had to turn down jobs.

In addition to his jam-packed schedule, James plans to serve his neighbourhood for the Christmas season by offering light installations both inside and outside the home.

The pair also offers discounts to those working in the National Health Service and emergency services, as well as over-65s, disabled people and caregivers.

The Buckinghamshire, England, native then advertised her husband’s services on Facebook and the Nextdoor app.  If you happen to live in England, just look up “Rent my Handy Husband.”