Women Are Taking Off Their Bras Since LockDown Began

Bras suck!

One of the most wonderful parts of the day (when life was normal), was coming home after work and taking your bra off-slinging it across the room and letting the girls hang free.  With more and more women working from home, more and more women are going braless all day long…


Bras are not awesome to wear at the best of times, but we do so because society tells us too.  The list of why bras suck is endless, and now another plus to this pandemic… Not having to wear one.  Should women go braless while in self isolation seems to be a hot topic on social media!

While some doctors argue that it’s in your best interest to wear a bra to ensure that breast tissue is supported, to avoid eventual damage from trauma and pain, there is something to be said about going braless…


Officials at WonderBra in Canada asked their own staff what they thought, and the findings were surprising: Many of the female staff working in self-isolation from home took advantage of certain occasions (like virtual meetings and virtual happy hours, evenings with their partner) to wear a nice bra that made them feel more confident. Others wore them simply for comfortable support.


Whatever you decide, it’s whatever makes you feel good and get’s you though each day…


Reasons why bras suck!


They never fit perfectly! 

The leave marks as they dig into your body throughout the day

Backless outfits don’t work with a bra

Strapless bras are the worst- this floating article of clothing is meant to make it appear like you’re not wear a bra (but man, do you know you’re wearing a bra)

The Sports bra- while more comfortable, you always look like you have no boobs when wearing it

While you may want to drop some money on a super hot bra, they are often impractical. A nice lacy bra is super hot but the lace material can show through many cotton shirts.


Washing bras, ruins them. It doesn’t matter if you put them on delicate or hang them to dry.  Once you wash them, they are never the same

They often show pockets of fat… So hot! There is nothing that can make a girl feel less sexy than when her bra creates pockets of fat along her back. 

They are expensive!

Victoria Secret bras don’t look the same on you as they do the models- WTF

Achieving the perfect cleavage is next to impossible!