Women Do $6.4K More of Unpaid Housework Than Men Per Year

Equality will never happen!

After a long workday, it’s hard to find the motivation to clean, run errands and do all the little tasks at home — and a new analysis showed that there’s a big difference between the time women spend on housework versus men.

A cleaning service analyzed hourly wage data to examine how much time adults spend on housekeeping and how much that time would be worth based on the average hourly wage…

On average, the typical adult — men and women combined — in 2022 did 34 minutes per day of housework, equivalent to $19.69 per day. 

That comes out to 208 hours (8.7 days) and $7,188 per year. However, when analyzed by gender, results showed that the typical woman completes $6,431 more of unpaid labour than men annually.

Men do an average of 19 hours per year, or $3,909 worth of household chores yearly, while women do an average of 49 minutes per day or $10,341 worth per year.

Men have increased their housework load by 34.78% since 2003, which still doesn’t hold a candle to the near hour women do daily.