Women Have Smellier Feet Then Men!

P&G claims that women’s feet are 5-times stinkier than men’s!

Procter & Gamble raised a stink on Chinese social media after releasing a controversial advertisement that claimed women’s feet smell “five times worse” than men’s. 


The ad was posted on social media aimed at promoting female beauty products. The ad reads: “Women’s feet smell five times worse than men’s. If you don’t believe it, smell it.”


The sexist advertisement claimed that women generally forgo wearing socks, which make their feet reek.  The ad also made a series of unsubstantiated claims regarding feminine hygiene! The post has since been deleted.

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A 2019 study published in the National Library of Medicine found that women’s feet in general boasted a higher “biodiversity of cultured bacterial species” (17 individual species) than men (14 individual species). However, scientists deemed the findings “not statistically significant” concerning cleanliness.


The campaign also claims that women’s chest areas smell worse than men’s, that their hair is twice as dirty due to less frequent washing, and that their underwear is grubbier on average — “even for women who pay close attention to personal hygiene.”


Needless to say that the claims were not well received on social media so the campaign ads were cancelled.