Workers Need To Take Time Off Every 43 Days To Avoid Total Burnout!

Have you taken time off yet?

A study of 2000 office workers conducted by One Poll, found that taking days off at least once every six weeks helps to prevent exhaustion and burn out at work.

70% of employees said they feel tired and run down if they go too long without taking some time off. Signs you may need a break include feeling stressed out and struggles with mental health.

Three in ten Workers also agreed that when sleepless nights start to occur due to work-related stress, it’s time for a break.

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions currently, many people are opting not to use their time off at all.

However, the study found that you don’t have to travel anywhere in order to feel the benefits of having time off. 70% are just as happy to spend a few days resting at home.

When asked how they are feeling about work right now, 26% think they are coping well, but one in 10 adults feel stressed, and a further 8% is exhausted.