Working From Home Makes You Pee More

Pee when you want!

There’s a new phenomenon emerging called “The WFH bladder” this is when the organ is noticeably weaker than it was when we were working in the office.


At home, you go when you want.  But in the officer, there was always someone around to notice when you left your desk or a meeting to go and pee.   Pre-covid, we were more active during the day, busier with less time for a pee break. 


But now that we’re at home and socializing less, the reverse is happening…


Whether that’s due to having the comfort of their own facilities, toilets being readily available or the close proximity and ease of access – lockdown has meant that many people are going to the toilet more frequently in the day,’ reports

This begs the question, why do our bladders get weaker when we go to the bathroom more often?


‘Frequently emptying your bladder means that your bladder gets used to holding less and less urine and like a balloon, it begins to shrink and shrivel.  ‘As it shrinks it can become more sensitive and overactive, triggering the brain that you need to go with less capacity. This can produce a relatively common phenomenon called “Overactive Bladder Syndrome.”


The good news is that you can retrain your bladder to go back to its old ways.  ‘On average, it is recommended that an individual should pass urine every 3 hours (or four to seven times per day).’