Would A Year’s Worth Of Free Meat Entice You To Get Vaccinated?

It’s a Utah Meatstake!

JBS Foods is giving out 5 pounds of beef and raffling off a year of free meat for vaccine recipients!


Washington is offering free weed, New Jersey is offering free beer, and now Utah is offering free ground beef for residents who get a COVID-19 vaccine. Whatever it takes!


Between August 7th and 9th, Utah residents can get their hands on five pounds of meat and be entered to win a year’s worth of beef just for getting vaccinated.


Only 46.4% of people in the Bear River jurisdiction of Utah are vaccinated.

Nearly 70% of JBS USA’s 66,000 employees have been vaccinated as the company has provided incentives like a $100 bonus and paid time off.


JBS USA will also give away free meat for a year to two raffle winners who get their vaccine between Aug. 7-9 as part of its “Your Shot at Free Meat for a Year” sweepstakes.


The 7-day average for new coronavirus cases in Utah was 906.7 on Tuesday, the highest it has been since mid-February.