Xena Warrior Princess Is A Lesbian

I didn’t see this one coming, but Xena Warrior Princess is going to be a lesbian. […]

I didn’t see this one coming, but Xena Warrior Princess is going to be a lesbian. The 1995-2001 TV series was a huge hit with the LGBT community, and many believed that Xena was gay because of her close relationship with the character Gabrielle. So the TV-movie reboot will have her be openly gay. It will air on NBC-TV, but it’s not yet been confirmed whether the original Xena, actress Lucy Lawless, will be back or not.


There’s going to be another Indiana Jones movie. Walt Disney Studios made the announcement this week that Stephen Spielberg will be back to direct, and of course Harrison Ford will be back as Indy. The yet to be titled project is expected out July 2019.

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has sold off his collection of classic cars for over $22 million. He had 15 Porsches and 2 Volkswagens that he sold at auction. Even though he loves his babies, he said he just doesn’t have the time to carefully take care of each of them anymore. The 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder sold for the most money, at $5.3 million.
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The first restricted trailer for Seth Rogen’s upcoming ADULT animated movie has been released. Sausage Party features Seth as a hotdog, learning what really happens after leaving the grocery store and going home to be eaten. At first it looks like a kid’s movie, but then after a few curse words you quickly realize where the trailer gets it’s “restricted” title from. Kristen Wig, James Franco and Jonah Hill are also voices in the flick, that’s set to be released August 12th.