You Can Flush Your Ex Down The Toilet This Valentine’s Day

Say goodbye to your crappy ex this Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and many people will be buying their flowers thanks to Miley Cyrus…

Others might be recently single or experiencing heartbreak, and are reminded of the raw memories thanks to the day that’s full of romantic cliches, pink and red colour schemes, roses and candy hearts.

Toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap wants to help people forget their exes and find a way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

The company is giving people the opportunity to flush their ex down the toilet.  That’s right, a TP company wants to help you wipe your pain away!

Love letters, cards and notes from your ex can all be made into Toilet paper from a company that calls itself “Who Gives A Crap.”

People eager to send their ex down the drain will have to wait until Feb. 8 to send in all their unwanted memories to Who Gives a Crap. The company will provide more details on how to do this on its website, which will go live on the same day. 

The cost of the new product hasn’t been announced yet, but the company currently sells boxes of 48 rolls of toilet paper for $66.

The company’s slogan is “Good for the planet, Good for your bum,” as they pride themselves on recycling items that would otherwise be tossed in the trash!