You Can Improve Your Life With Just Two Minutes Of Exercise Every Day!

And doing so could extend your lifespan!

Many people cite a lack of time to justify their non-existent physical activity, but a new study out of Australia could effectively end that excuse.

Scientists at the University of Sydney report that two-minute “bursts” of vigorous physical activity totalling just 15 minutes per week are associated with a lower risk of death.

That’s right, finding as little as two minutes per day for a quick workout may extend your life!

Researchers say that it’s not just the amount of activity, but also the intensity, that is important for cardiovascular health

Short bouts (up to two minutes) of vigorous activity four times daily on average were associated with a 27 percent lower risk of death. However, health benefits were also noted at even lower exercise frequencies; 10 short bouts weekly were associated with 16 percent and 17 percent lower odds of cardiovascular disease and cancer, respectively.