You Can Now Live In America’s Priciest Trailer Park With Celebrity Neighbours

Ever thought about living in a millionaire- mobile home?

There’s an exclusive Malibu, California neighbourhood — which is actually a trailer park and it currently has two live listings within its high-priced, celebrity-filled grounds. 

Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park used to be a blue-collar trailer park, but in recent years has evolved into a celebrity retreat!

These mobile homes aren’t cheap… Some are valued between $5 and $6 million…

The two available properties for sale — a $5.85 million “turnkey” trailer and a $3.99 million one with a wraparound Ipe wood deck that’s available via Compass — are priced so high not because of the close-knit crew of kindly plumbers, electricians and their kids who populate it. It’s because of its prime location atop a seaside bluff and proximity to a popular surfing cove, as well as the rich and famous. 

The view and location are so spectacular that beginning in the early 2000s, Paradise Cove has seen big names such as Stevie Nicks, Minnie Driver and Matthew McConaughey buy trailers.

Comparably, Mansions with the same view are selling for $100 million nearby, so they may be why celebs are flocking to the trailer park!