You Should Wash Your PJ’s Every Few Days

PJ’s can be washed 5 to 7 days for people who shower before bed

So, you’re probably not washing your pyjamas enough!  And it could be making everything in your wardrobe dirty.


It seems like we spend every day doing laundry, but are you washing certain items more than others?


For example, your PJ’s… How often do you wash them because I bet it’s not often enough. 


According to the experts, this is something we should be doing every three to four days – or at least, once a week.


Pyjamas are the only intimate clothing we tend to wear multiple times as standard, with many wearing pyjamas as the only layer and without underwear beneath.

This intimacy against our skin and parts of our bodies, for 6 to 8 hours a night under bedding, makes them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.


Or if this sounds like too much effort, the expert says you can go seven nights in a row in the same PJs if you bathe before bed.


However, if you’re a particularly sweaty person then daily washes are key.