1 In 4 Keep Secrets From Their Partner!

Everyone has secrets!

According to new research, one in four have kept a secret from their partner when moving in together.

It turns out that millennials are the most likely to keep a few details confidential when taking the big step (33%), followed closely by Gen Z (27%) and baby boomers being the most forthcoming of all generations (11%).

One-third of respondents who kept information hidden from their partner did so for over a year, and nearly half (48%) still have private details they haven’t shared.

Although most feel guilty about keeping a few things hidden (68%), not even half (43%) plan to reveal all their secrets to their partner.

One in five respondents who hid something from their partner said their partner also hid something from them. 52% believe their partner is still hiding something.

The most common secrets include:

Details past relationships 

Doing something they know their partner would be upset about 

Undisclosed spending habits