The Shocking Number of People Who Don’t Know Their Partners Salary

One in 10 adults don’t know their partner’s salary according to new research…

A poll of 2,000 adults in serious relationships, engaged or married split evenly by generation revealed that respondents aren’t just in the dark about the money that’s coming in.

Almost 15% aren’t sure how much their partner has in their savings, what their credit score is, or even where their partner spends most of their money. But it appears that’s a two-way street, as 21% admit they also have their financial secrets.

Interestingly, savings also came out as the top secret respondents keep, followed by how much debt they have, where they spend the majority of their money, or even how many different bank accounts they have.

More than one-quarter of Gen Z keep their credit score from their partner, which is more than any other generation. 

Perhaps this is why…Results also revealed that 77% of respondents agree that being financially irresponsible is a turn-off and 22% have gone so far as to break up with someone because of how poorly they manage their finances.

When it comes to finances, a high salary is the top desirable trait when it comes to what they prefer in a partner.

34% of couples say that they have their own bank accounts, while 30% have shared accounts and 28% share an account for bills and joint expenses…

In their opinion, the best way to manage finances with a partner is to share an account for joint expenses and keep their account for spending (44%).

This may be why 43% agree that whoever makes more money in a relationship should pay for the majority of bills and expenses.

But even so, only 11% split their bills based on their salary or income levels. 

The average couple fights about money about once per month, though millennials and Gen Xers tend to battle twice each month.

Three in 10 respondents would be upset if their partner spent $200 or less without their knowledge, though it would take more than $430 ($437.80) for the average respondent to be mad.