1 In 7 Adults Are Afraid of Being Shamed For This

What turns you on? Wink, Wink!

A fifth of Adults admits they can be judgmental towards someone for what turns them on, according to new research.

A survey looked at 2,000 sexually active adults’ preferences and found that although many are opinionated, one in seven is also afraid of being shamed for their own turn-ons.

Respondents who have hooked up with a one-night stand have an easier time admitting their preferences to someone they’ll never see again.

The survey also found that people are most likely to be vocal about their turn-ons, but aren’t shy about bringing up what turns them off, either.  More are willing to talk about what turns them on more.

Across the board, the top things that would turn people away from a partner are poor hygiene, talking about exes and being flirty with other people.


  1. Foreplay – 53%
  2. Neck kisses – 41%
  3. Being a good kisser – 38%
  4. Partner telling you “I like that” – 26%
  5. Partner undressing you – 21%


  1. Poor hygiene – 60%
  2. Talking about exes – 33%
  3. Being flirty with other people – 31%
  4. Eating with mouth open – 23%
  5. Being cocky – 20%