Four Small, Petty Quirks That Eventually Become Relationship Killers!

Maybe just purchase a second TV!

At the beginning of a relationship, when everything is new and exciting, you can look past a lot of the small red flags.  But in six months, a year, or three years?  Here are four small, petty quirks that can kill a relationship.

1.  Netflix incompatibility.  Eventually, a relationship settles into lots of quiet nights watching TV.  If you have WAY different tastes, or one of you can’t resist solo binging a show you’re watching together, things can fall apart.

2.  Being bad at sharing.  A serious relationship means sharing:  Your space, your food, and even full control of your schedule.  If you or the person you’re dating can’t handle that, it’s going to lead to problems.

3.  Missing social cues.  If one of you has good social skills and one doesn’t, that’s going to eventually lead to awkwardness at parties and long arguments afterward.  If you’re awkward,  it’s best to date another awkward person.

4.  Food incompatibility.  Do you have crossover in your food preferences?  Do you agree on restaurants?  Do you agree on how often to cook versus get carryout or go out?  That will become a real issue over time.