Dating Dealbreakers, According To Pet Parents

Must Love Dogs!

More than seven in 10 pet parents see red flags if a potential partner doesn’t treat their pets like family, according to new research.



The survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners also explored other common warning signs and deal-breakers that singles often encounter while dating with pets.



Three in five think leaving a pet in a crate all day is a major no-no, followed by 52% who’ll raise an eyebrow at pets not being allowed on the furniture.



The poll also revealed that regardless of relationship status 73% of people believe they’re more likely to approach someone walking a dog.



Almost half claim their pet has been their “wingman” helping them score the phone number of a potential date.



About two-thirds of people are even more likely to swipe right on someone with pet photos in their dating app profile.



Half of the respondents would like to go on a dog-friendly date at a park or a beach. More than four in five agree that a “blended family” can also mean combining your pets.


When searching for the perfect place to live with their newly combined tribe, over half seek out pet-friendly locations, look for backyards and need space for their pets to play.



And should problems arise in the relationship, more than two-thirds of people believe they’d try harder to make up with their partner if there were shared pets in the house.



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Pet friendly (55%)
Backyard availability (48%)
Space to play (46%)
“Safe” spaces for hiding (39%)
Space for crate or bed (39%)