Humans are gross!

It’s fun to occasionally remember how gross we all are, so here’s another reminder:  Someone asked people to name hygiene mistakes that are way too common . . .

1.  Never cleaning your phone, or your keys.  People don’t clean their AirPods enough either.

2.  Just rinsing your hands in the bathroom.  “Remember the beginning of the pandemic, when the government had to remind people to use soap?”

3.  Not cleaning your belly button.  If you’ve got a deep innie, you’ve gotta get in there.

4.  Being a “shoes-on” household.  Shoes-off people think it’s gross because you track all kinds of gross stuff in from the street.

5.  Not scrubbing your crack.  Some people assume that just letting soap and water run down your body is enough.

6.  Never cleaning door handles.  They’re constantly touched, so there’s a lot of bacteria on them.  Light switches too.

7.  Not washing your sheets and pillowcases enough.  The pillows themselves get gross too.

8.  Flushing with the toilet lid up.  It sprays tiny droplets all over your bathroom.

9.  Not replacing your toothbrush.  You’re supposed to do it every three months.  One person said they remember doing it when the seasons change.

10.  Not flossing.  People think brushing is enough, and flossing is secondary.  But if you had to pick one, flossing might be more important.