Do you think you’re more or less gross than the average person? 

Someone polled people to find out how popular different gross habits are.  Here are five questions, and how people answered . . .

1.  Do you pick your wedges in public?  Or do you suffer through it until you can find a bathroom?  74% of us are pickers.  Most did say they at least try to be discrete about it.

2.  Do you ever take phone calls on the toilet?  62% of us do, including 13% who said they do it “all the time.”

3.  Do you find pimple-popping videos satisfying?  Half of us do, including 18% who “love” them.

4.  How many times do you wear clothes before washing them?  Only 46% generally wear clothes once, then wash them.  39% said multiple times.  Another 15% said they wait until they’re visibly dirty, or smell.

5.  Have you ever pooped your pants?  Half said no, only when they were a baby.  But 36% said yes, once, another 13% said it’s happened multiple times, and 2% said too many times to count.