$1000 Minute Friday, August 30th

Did you get them all this morning?

1)   Which Disney film does the ‘Cheshire Cat’ appear in?
(Alice in Wonderland)







2)    A meteorologist studies what?








3)  What is the name of the event happening at the Port of Orillia this weekend?
(Pirate Party / Port of Orillia Pirate Party)






4)    What office supply store was known to use the slogan “That was easy”.







5)  Who is said to have built an ark and let the animals in two by two?








6)   Cameron Diaz celebrates a birthday today. Name the action, comedy movie where she plays 1 of 3 women detectives with a mysterious boss
(Charlie’s Angels)







7)    TRUE OR FALSE: The Toronto Blue Jays played the Houston Astros last night.
(FALSE – no Thursday game – they face the Astros tonight)








8)  What temperature does water boil at?
(100 degrees Celsius / 212 degrees Fahrenheit)







9)  SPELL: Competition.
(C O M P E T I T I  O N)








10)  What is the 10th letter in the alphabet?