$1000 Minute Friday, December 20th!

How did you do this morning?

1)    “Gnocchi” is an Italian dish made mostly of what?






2)    Which New York team are the Maple Leafs facing tonight?








3)    Victoria Beckham was a member of which all girls pop group that formed in 1994?
(Spice Girls)







4)    SPELL: Restaurant.
(R E S T A U R A N T)







5)     Jonah Hill celebrates a birthday today. He stars in 21 Jump Street with what other actor?
(Channing Tatum)







6)    Jasmine, Basmati, and Long Grain are all different types of what food?








7)    In what movie does Jack Skellington from Halloween Town discover Christmas Town?
(The Nightmare before Christmas)








8)   If there are two assistants for every chef and there are five chefs, how many staff in total are in the kitchen?








9)    Bruce Banner turns into what fictional superhero when he becomes angry?
(The Hulk)









10)  What was the first company that used Santa Claus in advertising?
(Coca Cola)