$1000 Minute Friday, December 6th

how did you do?

1)    What actor plays ‘The Grinch’ in the 2000 live action movie?
(Jim Carrey)







2)  TRUE OR FALSE: Last night’s Raptors game against the Rockets was in Houston.
(FALSE – Toronto)








3)  Name the cosmetics company that uses the slogan “Because you’re worth it”.








4) What is the name of the young girl who flies to Neverland with Peter Pan to be a mother to him and the Lost Boys?








5)  In Ontario, how many stat holidays do we have in December?
(2 – Christmas Day, Boxing Day)









6)   Charlie is hosting a Christmas party this weekend.  If 24 people are attending, how many cookies does she need to bake for each person to have three each?








7)  Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. In which continent would you find Tanzania?









8)  SPELL: Evaporate.
(E V A P O R A T E)










9)  Name the dome-shaped shelter that is built from blocks of solid snow.









10)  A small guitar-like musical instrument mainly associated with Hawaiian music is known as a what?