$1000 Minute Friday, July 12th

How many strings does a cello have? (4)           The feeling […]

  1. How many strings does a cello have?






  1. The feeling of having already experienced something which is now happening again is known as what?
    (Déjà vu)







  1. Tonight the Toronto Argos are in Winnipeg taking on which CFL team?
    (Blue Bombers)








  1. What is the name of the Chinese system of medicine which uses needles inserted into the body at specific points?









  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.









  1. The final season of ABC’s ’How to Get Away With Murder’ will premier in September. Which season will it be for the show?
    (Season 8)







  1. SPELL: Accommodate.
    (A C C O M M O D A T E)







  1. What is the typical garnish is used in a mojito?







  1. Not including today, how many Friday’s are left in July?








  1. Topher Grace turned 41 today! What was the name of his character he played the TV show ‘That ’70s Show’?
    (Eric Forman)