$1000 Minute Friday, November 22nd

1)    Which US State is known for their peaches? (Georgia)           […]

1)    Which US State is known for their peaches?






2)    Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn are all names of pieces in what game?







3)  What name is generally given to wild feral dogs native to Australia?







4)  SPELL: Negotiate.
(N E G O T I A T E)








5)  Miley Cyrus celebrates a birthday today. Who was Miley previously married to?
(Liam Hemsworth)








6)  Kool FM has given you the chance this week to beat the box office and win tickets to see Camila Cabello. What girl group was Camila previously a member of?
(Fifth Harmony)








7)    If Ally fell asleep at 9:45pm and woke up at 7:15am, how long did she sleep for?
(9 hours and 30 minutes)








8) 24 years ago today the first Toy Story movie was released. Name the actor whose voice is used for Woody.
(Tom Hanks)







9)    If someone asks for your ‘surname’ are they asking for your first or last name?
(Last Name)








10)  The Toronto Maple Leafs just fired Mike Babcock this week; what was Mike’s position with the Leafs?
(Head Coach/Coach)