$1000 Minute June 14 5pm

How many did you get right?

  1. ellogg’s Rice Crispiest has cartoon Mascots on it’s cereal boxes. Name one of them?

Snap, Crackle and Pop

  1. Mel B was in the Spice Girls what was her Spice name?

Scary Spice  

  1. What Red Fruit is often mistaken as a vegetable according to nutritionists?


  1. Who was the first Disney princess to be featured in a full length Movie?

Snow White

  1. The Toronto Blue Jays are currently playing a series against the Orioles. What city are the Orioles from?


  1. Spell Sprinkler


  1. If the summer was considered to include the months of June, July and August. How long would the summer be in Days?

92 days

  1. The Alphabet consists of how many letters?


  1. What is a baby sheep called?

A lamb

  1. Donald Duck has three nephews. Name one of them?

(Huey, Dewey and Louie)