$1000 Minute June 23 5pm

Did you get them all right?

  1. Whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie? (Pinocchio)
  1. Including Y, how many vowels are there in the alphabet? (6)
  1. What organ in the human body has four chamber? (Heart)
  1. SPELL: Mojito. (M O J I T O)
  1. In which South American Country can you visit Machu Picchu? (Peru)
  1. What bird is mythically said to deliver babies? (Stork)
  1. What year will it be 25 years from now? (2047)
  1. What is the term used for group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment? (A Cappella)
  1. A ‘Pescatarian’ is someone who has a vegetarian diet, but still eats what kind of meat? (Fish/Seafood)
  1. In the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale, what did Jack trade for 5 magic beans? (A Cow)