$1000 Minute Monday, December 23rd

how did you do this morning?

1)    How many of Santa’s reindeer have a name that starts with the letter C?
(2 – Comet & Cupid)






2)    Zeus, Hades, and Pegasus are all characters found in what 1997 Disney movie?








3)  There are 9 bowls of tomato soup and 8 bowls of vegetable soup. How many bowls of soup are there all together?








4)   The Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globe award shows are all coming up; Two in January and one in February. Which Ceremony show is happening in February?







5)  How do you say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish?
(Feliz Navidad)








6)  TRUE OR FALSE:  The first day of winter was this past weekend on Saturday December 21st.








7)  SPELL: Surrounding.
(S U R R O U N D I N G)








8)  Which major league always has games scheduled on Christmas Day?
(NBA/National Basketball association)








9) A Killer Whale is also known as a what?








10)  Our current Prime Minister of Canada celebrates a birthday on Christmas Day. What is his name?
(Justin Trudeau)