$1000 Minute Monday, June 27th @ 9 AM

How did you do this morning?

1) At what time did Cinderella have to leave the ball before the spell wore off in Disney’s Cinderella? Midnight 

2) What is the capital of Saskatchewan?

3) If you got a turkey in bowling, how many strikes in a row did you throw?

4) 19:37 is what time on a 12-hour clock?
7:37 PM

5) Spell Shenanigans?

6) What is 6 x 6 +7?.

7) Name one of the presidents whose face was carved into Mount Rushmore?
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, or Abraham Lincoln 

8)  Which animal’s stripes are on their skin as well as their fur?
A tiger

9) How many colours are there in a rainbow?

10) In the nursery rhyme what did Jack and Jill go up the hill for?
To fetch a pail of water