$1000 Minute Monday, November 4th

did you get all the answers today?

1)    The TV series Riverdale is loosely based on which comic series?
(Archie Comics)






2)  How many U.S President Faces are depicted in Mount Rushmore?
(4 – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln)







3)  Do pine cones come from deciduous or coniferous trees?







4)  Matthew McConaughey turns 50 today. Name the movie where he plays a former NASA pilot that goes to space to save mankind.







5)  Jasmine had $100 to spend on food for her party. When she finished shopping she had $18left. How much did she spend?







6)   Name the MLB team that won the World Series last week.







7)  Name the Disney character whose nose gets bigger every time he tells a lie.








8)  What Kool FM event will you find Charlie at tomorrow evening?
(Ladies Night)








9)  Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar make up what part of the body?








10)  SPELL: Metabolize.
(M E T A B O L I Z E)