$1000 Minute Thursday, December 19th

How did you do this morning?

1)  Dora the Explorer speaks two languages… English and what else?







2)  On Traffic lights in Ontario, is the red light on the top or bottom?







3)  Jake Gyllenhaal celebrates a birthday today. He played the supervillain ‘Mysterio’ this year in what Marvel movie?
(Spiderman: Far From Home)







4)  What City is home to North America’s largest shopping mall?







5)  How many rings are there in the Olympics symbol?







6)  Carol has 26 gift bags to prepare. If she wants each gift bag to have 2 bows on it, how many bows will she need?








7)   SPELL: Whimsical.
(W H I M S I C A L)








8)  The Raptors took on the Pistons last night in what City?








9)  In the Harry Potter series, what are humans who lack any sort of magical ability referred to as?








10)  What is the first AND last name of the boy who gets left behind in the Home Alone movie?
(Kevin McCallister)