$1000 Minute: Thursday, June 6th

How did you do today?

  1. What river runs through the city of Montreal?
    Saint Lawrence River

  1. What is the boiling point of water in degrees Celsius?
    100 degrees Celsius

  1. What is the formula for finding a rectangle’s perimeter?
    L + W x 2 (if they said L + L + W=W I’ll allow it)

  1. How many times has Canada been a host country of the Olympic Games?
    3 (Montreal summer 1976, Calgary winter 1988 and Vancouver Winter 2010)

  1. Who is the Antagonist in the Halloween Film Series?
    Micheal Myers 

  1. In what sport would you use the following equipment? Pommel horse, Horizontal Bar, and Vault?

  1. If Amy made $320 for working 8 hours how much did she make an hour?
    $40 an hour 

  1. Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy are the characters in what Hana Barbara cartoon?
    Scooby Doo Where Are You (Will also accept just Scooby Doo)

  1. Which Canadian singer is known for the song “Call Me Maybe”?
    Carly Rae Jepsen

  1. In a standard car, what do you use to engage and disengage the connection between the engine and the transmission?
    The Clutch